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Eyelash Extension Calgary

Facial salon is the best place to get relaxed feel clam & placid and get your skin soft, clean and shiny like you dream to have. The qualities that a facial salon should have are the peaceful, clean and hygienic environment with friendly, trained and expert staff. Because the skin matter is so sensitive.

The Chinook Nails Palace is a facial salon Calgary that provides such services which make your skin feel cheery. We offer facials by the best quality products because we care about your skin.

You will notice our well behaved staff. We have experts, trained and certified people as our workers. Our staff is firstly trained and then starts working because we have a matter of quality to keep. Our environment is tranquil, clean, and hygienic. We even provide spa footwear to keep the salon clean. Our guests enjoy luxurious pampering services. Our facial products are one of the best qualities and you will not be able to find them in other salons. We do not like to cheap products as we said we care about your skin and our quality. We are experts in our treatments and services so you will not regret visiting us. Our motto is to inspire the beauty and glamour so we commit our services to high quality in facial salon Calgary. We humbly advice you to come and try our services so you can experience the best facial salon Calgary treatment. We are offering a royalty program too, so you are welcome again and again.

Chinook Nails Palace offers beauty services in its purpose built premises so that every client shall experience a personalized treatment.  Whether you need a manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading, facial, and tinting or eyelash extension in Calgary, we offer you exemplary service from our talented team of experts. We have been offering very expert beauty services in Calgary and surrounding areas.
The name, Chinook Nails Palace, suggests you to treat like a royal member that’s why every service is rendered with extreme care and professionalism. The eyelash extension in Calgary is one of our distinct services for the ladies who wish to extend their eyelashes more than their natural look. The fashion industry has been setting new trends with the passage of time whereas eyelash extension in Calgary is considered an all-time hit beauty enhancement.

There are various types of eyelash extension we offer in Calgary so that our valued clients shall get what they desire the most. Singles eyelash extension is a prominent type as it applies to your natural single eyelash whereas sets of it are also available for application. We offer high quality beauty products and services in a clean environment so that adds beauty to your life and not worries.

We have certified and trained workers to perform natural looking eyelash extension in your eyes regardless of the area you live in Calgary. It feels you more confident and bold anywhere you go. Your friends and colleague will be unable to recognize that you have had an eyelash extension at a beauty clinic in Calgary.  Most of our clients are quite satisfied with our services because it suits their lifestyle. They are not ashamed in parties because of their poor eyelashes.

We have plenty of other beauty service as our scope is not merely limited to eyelash extension in Calgary. You may take appointment for any of our remarkable services as theses are very economical and affordable. You can reach us through phone numbers (403) 252-8867 or (587) 327-5959 or email